Sunuafrik (the company) originally Sunuafri, was founded in the year 2003 by her current President & CEO, Mr. El Hadji M. Ndao, with the aim of bringing African-inspired and produced goods and services to the market-place, with a particular focus on the continental African market. Since then, the company has been on the journey of realizing that goal and her many objectives, through the various areas of operation (divisions), including Radio & Television Broadcasting, Entertainment & Amusement Productions, Real Estate Development & Management, Travel & Leisure, Transportation & Distribution, as well as Research & Documentation. While these various areas are at different levels of implementation, the Radio Broadcasting arm has been on the forefront of creating laudable programs and showing leadership in the market that the company operates in and serves.

Sunuafrik Radio Broadcasting Services (SRBS) has been keeping the continental (foreign-born) African communities of the New York Metro Area, and beyond, informed of what is happening in their homeland(s) and around the African diaspora, via a number of programs that we produce and present. Broadcasting from the
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leased studios of WPAT-930AM – the flagship radio station of Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Incorporated (MRBI) – in New York City, listeners get a wide range of coverage, that includes news and information, political and current affairs discussions, business and finance, health and wellness, sports and recreation, entertainment and culture, travel and tourism, as well as interviews with special guests from the local, national and international scenes.
Listeners also get to call in and give their opinions/share their thoughts on the issues that are of importance to themselves, and their immediate and distant communities. As often as possible, they become winners of the varied prizes during our frequent sponsored promotional campaigns. Put very concisely, it’s SRBS’ business to maintain the bridge linking the continent of Africa with the diaspora.

Sunuafrik Radio Broadcasting Services (SRBS) currently produces and presents three different programs which are designed to be of utmost benefit to the listeners it serves. These programs inform, enlighten, entertain and inspire the listener.
A brief description of these programs follows:

1. Sunuafrik AfterMidnight Show

This program is one-hour long and airs on Saturday
mornings, from 12am to 1am Eastern Standard Time. It is

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hosted by the company’s founder/President & CEO, El Hadji
M. Ndao and features discussions in various facets of society,
especially, current affairs in the Senegalese communities of
the New York Tri-State Area and around the United States,
as well as in Senegal and the West Africa Region of the
continent. Listeners are encouraged to call-in and share their
There are designated commercial breaks and times for
sponsorship mentions.

2. African Music Morning (aka TheJumboJet ammAfrica)

This program is two hours long and airs on Saturday
mornings, from 1am to 3am Eastern Standard Time. It is hosted
by E. Obebi Olali, a veteran New York nightlife industry
operative, communications specialist and journalist. It is
broadcast in English, but the content is mixed. The program
features the hottest contemporary music of well-established and
up-and-coming recording/performing artists from around the
African continent and the diaspora; interviews with such artists
and other movers-and-shakers in the entertainment, sports,
media and fashion industries; reports in the areas of
entertainment & culture, sports & recreation and, travel &
tourism. Plus, listener call-in and requests, as well as contests
and promotional give- away.
There are designated commercial breaks and times for
sponsorship mentions.

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3. The Sunuafrik Show

This program is seven hours long and airs on Saturday
evenings, from 10pm to 5am (of Sunday morning) Eastern
Standard Time. It is anchored by the company’s
founder/President & CEO, El Hadji Ndao, and includes co-hosts
of the various sections/segments. It is broadcast in two
different indigenous languages that are spoken in West Africa
(Wolof and Fulani), as well as French and English. It features
news and information from around the African continent and the
diaspora, with emphasis on what is happening in the West Africa
region; interviews with special international, national and local
guests; discussions on issues that are upper-most in the minds
of people in our communities world-wide; reports in the areas of
entertainment & culture, sports & recreation, business &
personal finance; health & wellness, as well as immigration and
numerous other concerns. Plus, music is infused to bridge the
segments as well as for the listeners’ pleasure. Listeners are
encouraged to call-in and share their views on those important
matters being discussed.
There are designated commercial breaks and times for
sponsorship mentions.


Over the period of about 19 years that Sunuafrik Radio Broadcasting Services (SRBS) has been in operations, a number of noted and ordinary guests have come through each of the three different current programs and the ones that have been discontinued owing to changes in personnel and other reasons.
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They cover the gamut of government & politics, diplomacy & international affairs, entertainment & pop culture, education & higher learning, health & medicine, law & jurisprudence, faith & religion, and activism & community leadership. Following is a short list of some of them:
Presidents: Abdoulaye Wade and Macky Sall (Senegal)
Actors/Actresses: Lupita Nyong’o (Kenya), Jim Iykes (Nigeria), Juliet Ibrahim (Ghana), Sahr Ngaujah (Sierra Leone)
Musicians/Performers: Youssou N’Dour, Akon, Baaba Maal, Fallou Dieng, Titi, Idrissa Diop, Viviane Chidid (Senegal); Hugh Masekela, Lucky Dube, Vusi Mahalasela, Simphiwe Dana, Obed Ngobeni (South Africa); Salif Keita, Oumou Sangare, Habib Koite, Bassekou Kouyate (Mali); King Sunny Ade, Seun Kuti, Lagbaja, Ras Kimono, Floxy Bee, Emperor Adichie (Nigeria); Angelique Kidjo, Kaleta & Band (Benin Republic); Somi, Raga Dee (Uganda); Kojo Antwi, Juliete Ibrahim, Little Joe Ayesu, Wazumbians (Ghana); Alpha Blondy, Soum Bill, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Monique Seka (Ivory Coast); Soukous Stars, Shiko Mawatu, Yondo Sister, Diblo Dibala (Congo); Refugee All-Stars (Sierra Leone); Jojo Kuo (Cameroon).
Government & Politics: Obiageli Ezekesili, Nasir Ahmed el-Rufai (Nigeria); Congressman Donald Payne, Rev. Al Sharpton, State Senator Bill Perkins, Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer State senator Cordell Clare (USA). And, of-course numerous consuls and ambassadors representing their countries in cities across the United States, such as Washington DC, New York City, and at the United Nations.

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WPAT-930AM, is the flagship radio station of the operating entity known as Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Incorporated (MRBI),
which owns about a dozen stations across the United States. The station’s reach covers the New York Tri-State Area, extending and reaching audiences within the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, as well as portions of Pennsylvania. WPAT is the leading brokerage-radio entity in New York City and other major markets across the United States. It boasts of programming from most of the main cultural groups and languages, including English (American), Spanish, Russian, Turkish, French, Greek, Arabic, Portuguese, Indian and Creole. Languages spoken in the Caribbean and those from various African countries, such as Wolof (Senegal and Gambia), Bambara (Mali), Fulani (Guinea and across West Africa) are also heard.
Depending on the program, the listenership can range from a low of 2,000 to that in excess of 250,000. We believe at least an average of 100,000 people listen to the programs of Sunuafrik Radio, especially, African Music Morning. And, with the station’s extension online when the program streams live at, the listenership goes beyond the confines of the New York Tri-State Area and may be reach much more people around the world.
Because of the wide range of programming on the station, the income level of listeners ranges from that of the hard-working low-earning/self-employed/laborer at $30,000 annually to the high-earning corporate staff/executive or businessperson in the six-figure bracket.
That’s why when you listen to WPAT-930AM, you truly are inside of a Global Village.
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Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available to prospective customers on the three programs that Sunuafrik Radio Broadcasting Services (SRBS) produces and presents. The rates show below are averaged out for our corporate/business clients. Community rates are different and are available only to those individuals or groups that meet our community adverting criteria. Sponsorship of an entire program or any of its segments is available
and we can always put-together a package that meets your particular and unique needs.
15-second spot $60.00
30-second spot $60.00
45-second spot $75.00
60-second spot $90.00
75-second spot $95.00
90-second spot $95.00
120-second spot $110.00

We hope that the above rates are diverse enough to meet your interest and advertising/sponsorship purposes. If, for some reason, you are still looking for something else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our principal sales executive, Mr. El Hadji Ndao, by phone at 646-505-7487 or by email at or Mr. E. Obebi Olali, by phone at 917-648-4260 or by email at You may also visit to see what we are about.
We look forward to talking with and exploring your interests, and building a relationship that lasts into the future. All the best!

The Sunuafrik Radio Broadcasting Services (SRBS)/Sunuafrik Inc Team.